Good land management is necessary to maintain the value of our ecological assets in Queensland and Australia wide. Any development, construction project or land clearing will normally be regulated under planning and environmental laws.


Biodiverse Environmental has an excellent understanding of environment and planning legislation in Queensland and can provide sound advice on any proposed development or project.


Biodiverse can navigate through the legislative requirements and provide you with practical environmental advice.


We can conduct ecological site assessments, flora and fauna surveys, bushfire hazard assessment and planning, and soil and land management planning advice to assist you with development applications or proposals.

Services that may be required under development planning include:

  • Flora and Fauna Surveys under the Nature Conservation Act

  • Bushfire Hazard Assessment and Management Plans under Local Government Planning schemes where Bushfire Hazard Mapping triggers an assessment of the land/property

  • Pest Management Plans where a property has declared pest plants or pest animals under the Queensland Biosecurity Act

  • Threatened species management, including Species Management Plans for works occurring where active breeding places may be found or where threatened species are known to exist on a site

  • Revegetation Plans for offset purposes or where removing native vegetation

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