Green Tree Snake, Belli Park QLD
Rainbow Bee Eater, Eumundi QLD
Stony Creek Frog, Belli Park QLD

 All-inclusive environmental restoration & management services throughout Queensland


Fauna Management


Biodiverse has trained experts in wildlife identification, handling, and monitoring.

Whether you need to safely remove and relocate wildlife domestically or as part of a construction project, or if you need to identify, monitor or rehabilitate fauna on your land, Biodiverse can assist.

Our services include:

Environmental Assessment


Biodiverse offers a full range of environmental consulting and planning services, including:

For flora and fauna assessments and ecological surveys, Biodiverse partners with recognised ecologists to ensure that clients receive the highest quality expert advice and solutions.

Bush Regeneration & Weeds

Biodiverse can assess your property for weeds and protected plants, and carry out weed control using best practice eradication methods.

With expert horticultural skills, we can also design and implement any bush restoration project, giving consideration to local flora and fauna habitat.

Our services include: