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If you need expert ecological advice, then Biodiverse Environmental is for you!

Our Ecologists and Environmental Scientists have a broad range of ecological knowledge, expertise and experience, particularly in southeast and central Queensland.

Our ecological services include (but are not limited to):

  • Flora and fauna surveys (including thermal aerial surveys – UAV)
  • Fauna habitat assessment and restoration
  • Vegetation assessment and restoration
  • Surveys and assessment of impacts on Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC) under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
  • Timed meander surveys for protected plants by suitably qualified persons in adherence with Queensland guidelines
  • Ground truthing Regional Ecosystem and Protected Plants mapping
  • Conducting Bushland Operational Assessments (BOA) and providing BOA mapping and Regeneration Works Plans
  • Biocondition and habitat quality assessments
  • Bushfire assessment and planning
  • Aquatic ecology surveys and Impact Management Plans
  • Flying-fox monitoring and development of Flying-fox Management Plans
  • Nest box supply, installation and monitoring
  • Weed management
  • Community engagement
  • Using native bees for pollination


Below is a selection of ecological service projects

Project 1

Biodiverse Environmental carried out a project for Sunshine Coast Council  in 2021/2022.  The project involved the construction and installation of 113 hardwood timber nest boxes throughout the Sunshine Coast region. Nest Boxes were constructed to target a range of species including arboreal mammals, microbats, and hollow-dependent birds to provide supplementary hollows.

77 nest boxes were installed at Baroon Pocket Fauna Reserve, 20 at Doonan Creek and 16 along Hunchy Road which were fitted with Passive Infrared monitoring devices (PIR).  PIR devices allow for real time non-invasive monitoring of fauna activity. The data was used to further investigate the preference of different fauna species for nest box design and placement.  The nest boxes are monitored and maintained where needed.

Project 2

Biodiverse Environmental were engaged to complete a site assessment of a newly purchased property and provide practical environmental management activities  proposed to be conducted by the owner in terms of woody weed control, track and fence management and slashing of pastures.

After a site inspection was carried out various observations were made on the flora species, riparian zones and conditions, soil stability, fencing and track suitability.

Recommendations were then proposed to the client on the finds from the site assessment.

Project 3

Biodiverse Environmental carried out an ecological assessment at the beginning of 2022 to gain a deeper understanding of the ecological values to aid in assessing and deciding on a suitable building envelope for future developments. The data used for this assessment was found with the use of a detailed desktop analysis and onsite ground survey proving desktop analysis data.

Various act and websites were used in mapping to comprehend the area and create a preclearance map, Protected Plant Flora Survey Trigger Mapping, EPBC Act, VMA and DES. A likelihood of occurrence assessment was undertaken for fauna and flora species that were likely to be present.

Recommendations to build on an alternate site were proposed. Alternatively, a comprehensive clearing plan would need to be developed with the landowner, a fire assessment officer and Biodiverse Environmental’s ecologist detailing the extent of clearing and fauna and flora management.