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Are you clearing vegetation and need a Fauna Spotter Catcher Servicing Queensland?

Biodiverse Environmental are located on the Sunshine Coast but are happy to travel anywhere in Queensland to provide Fauna Spotter Catcher services state-wide.

Biodiverse Environmental provides experienced, knowledgeable, practical and helpful Fauna Spotter Catchers with experience across a range of activities, including vegetation clearing, soil stripping, and dewatering.

Biodiverse Environmental Fauna Spotter Catchers are passionate about Australian wildlife and the environment, but also understand that clearing and construction projects have deadlines to meet.

Our Fauna Spotter Catchers are experienced in working alongside heavy machinery on construction sites and communicating effectively with machinery operators.

We’ll work in partnership with you to minimise negative impacts on wildlife whilst helping you to achieve your project goals.
Our Fauna Spotter Catcher services include:

  • Pre-clearance surveys
  • Animal breeding place surveys
  • Onsite fauna detection, catching, identification and relocation
  • Aquatic fauna specialist for dewatering of dams, gilgais and waterways
  • Fauna rescue and first aid, including transporting to veterinarians or wildlife carers
  • Native bee hive rescue and relocation
  • Nest box supply, installation, and monitoring
  • Reporting

Biodiverse Environmental possesses all relevant permits granted by the Queensland Government and our Fauna Spotter Catchers proudly adhere to best practice methods for fauna management.



Below is a selection of fauna management projects

Project 1

Biodiverse Environmental were engaged as the preferred supplier of fauna surveys and fauna spotter catching services by Corwood QLD for vegetation works along the Wide Bay region of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. These works were primarily vegetation management with large excavators fitted with purpose built harvester and mulcher attachments to ensure trees could be safely lowered down in a controlled fashion allowing fauna to be safely identified, captured and relocated. 

Our fauna services involve pre-clearance surveys and reports, fauna spotter catching and relocation services during clearing and post clearance surveys and reports. Our Fauna Spotter Catcher’s were present for vegetation clearing of any potential habitat features and inspecting these habitat features prior to and as they were being cleared for any fauna present. Then the relocation of any fauna impacted by vegetation clearing and earthworks was carried out to a nearby suitable habitat outside the clearing limits in accordance with legislative and environmental management requirements


Project 2

Biodiverse Environmental caried out Fauna management activities during a contracted dewatering project for Halls Contracting in 2022 at Steve Irwin Way, Glasshouse Mountains during the early works of the project. Fauna management services were provided throughout the dewatering process. The Dewatering Specialist identified fauna, potential habitat features and animal breeding places, and relocated any fauna that may be impacted by vegetation clearing and earthworks to nearby suitable habitat following the legislative and environmental management requirements.

A pre-clearance survey was conducted by a Biodiverse Environmental Dewatering Specialist prior to the start of each day of works. The purpose of the survey was to locate fauna, their breeding places and habitat, and to relocate any fauna that may be impacted by works. The Dewatering Specialist was present for the entire dewatering process to identify, capture and relocate fauna impacted by the works.

Seven vertebrate species and one invertebrate species were found. In total 175 animals were removed during dewatering. Uninjured fauna identified were captured and relocated to suitable habitat 150 meters downstream outside of the clearing limits.

Project 3

Biodiverse Environmental undertook fauna spotter catcher works for Gympie Regional Council in early 2022 during the bridge upgrade at Glastonbury Creek Road, Glastonbury.

Pre works surveys and during the works a fauna inspection was carried out following the legislative requirement under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. The purpose of the pre-clearance fauna survey was to locate fauna, their breeding places, habitats, and to relocate any fauna that might be impacted by works. The Fauna Spotter Catcher was present for infrastructure decommissioning and inspected habitat features before and as clearing was occurring to identify any fauna present.  Fauna found were captured and relocated to suitable habitat out of the clearing limits.

Six fauna species were identified during the clearing and were captured and relocated to a suitable habitat nearby outside of the clearing limits. Over 21 habitat features were found.