Biodiverse Environmental conducts fauna management for Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project

About the vegetation management project conducted around critical infrastructure

The fauna management conducted for the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project (AEP) involves the trimming and ongoing maintenance of vegetation to provide suitable clearance within the Obstacle Limitation Surface for the new Sunshine Coast Airport runway. Vegetation required to be trimmed was across a range of land tenures in local and state government environmental reserves.

How did biodiverse achieve positive environmental outcomes for the project

Biodiverse Environmental conducted fauna management across protected Marine Plants Zones, Swamp Oak threatened ecological communities and endangered fauna habitats.

Biodiverse Environmental provided a Fauna Spotter Catcher that was present during all clearing works, relocating any wildlife that was impacted from the clearing. Biodiverse Environmental also conducted a pre-clearance surveys throughout the site in conjunction with the ecological surveys and monitoring activities achieve a comprehensive ecological site overview for our client.  

Do you require any environmental management advice?

Services we provide for fauna management and Ecological Services include Fauna Spotter Catchers, Flora and Fauna Surveys, Fauna Habitat Assessment and Restoration and much more.

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