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25 years of experience in revegetation, landscaping and weed control.

With over 25 years of experience in revegetation, landscaping and weed control, Biodiverse Environmental offers advice and services in both natural and assisted bush regeneration and can tailor a project to suit your budget and needs.

Our bush regeneration services include:

  • Vegetation assessment and survey
  • Natural and assisted regeneration
  • Large scale ecosystem translocation
  • Rehabilitation Management Plans
  • Restoration design and project delivery
  • Weed management
  • Land stabilisation and erosion and sediment control
  • Soil management
  • Waterway restoration
  • Habitat rehabilitation and supply and installation of nest boxes
  • Ecological fire management
  • Native seed collecting 
  • Native bees for pollination


Below is a selection of bush regeneration projects

Project 1

A Rehabilitation Plan for a site in Peregian Springs for Cube Developments and McNab JV was developed to meet the development assessment requirements for the reconfiguration of land parcels with an environmental covenant protecting remnant vegetation. The covenant required rehabilitation to restore the habitat values and characteristics of the regional ecosystem through natural regeneration and ensure the ecosystem functions are preserved and enhanced.

The site required revegetation and minimal bush regeneration works to be undertaken. Revegetation was required in three distinct areas surrounding the covenant where the existing native canopy was non-existent or not suited as a vegetation buffer. Natural recruitment and regeneration of native species was the preferred option due to environmental conditions i.e. steep and rocky soil. 

A comprehensive list and weeds, native regeneration and revegetation species was developed alongside a works plan. The maintenance schedule was established ensure bushland integrity was achieved at the end of the three-year program. Bushland integrity was be achieved by ensuring high percent canopy and edge cover, success rate and diversity. Monitoring of the site was to be undertaken by an appropriately qualified ecologist and action undertaken if required in a regular 6 monthly schedule for the three years.

Project 2

Rosemount Weed Control – 2021/2022

A project for Cube Developments on Upper Rosemount Rd, Rosemount, Qld formed part of the development process where 10ha of sensitive riparian land was rehabilitated using a combination of weed control methods and revegetation techniques. The weed control targeted environmental and listed weeds throughout the site over a 12-month period. Weed control techniques for revegetation preparation and regeneration areas were in accordance with the SEQ Ecological Restoration Framework.

The weed management outcomes achieved a significant (90%) reduction in listed weed species in the first year of the project with regular maintenance scheduled for the remaining 2 years of the contract. The aim was for zero non-target application of herbicide and manual removal of weeds.


Project 3

Coolum Dune Revegetation Emergency Rectification Works -2023

In late 2022 a water pipeline was replaced as part of an emergency upgrade that resulted in significant clearing of dunal vegetation near Coolum. This area was highly visible to the community with concern about destruction during works. 

Biodiverse Environmental were engaged to undertake a revegetation to plan to meet community concerns and those of the stakeholders. The plan consisted in analysing the surrounding vegetation and site works and developing a strategy to account for any future works and access whilst still providing an environmental benefit when rehabilitated. 

Lower growing species were recommended for the pipeline centre and a mix of trees and shrubs for surrounds with a selection of screen species to provide an access screen to limit pedestrian access. 

The site was planted in January 2023 with 900 plants and an enhanced watering regime to combat high temperatures and dry conditions.