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Biodiverse Environmental offers Nest Boxes and Native Bees.

Many Australian animals such as microbats, owls, parrots, lace monitors, gliders, and possums, rely on the hollows of old trees for nesting sites. As our wildlife’s natural habitat comes under increasing pressure from clearing for urban development and farming, you can help by providing nest boxes as an alternative.

Biodiverse Environmental supplies and installs nest boxes for a range of wildlife, and can also provide monitoring services.

Native bees play an important role in the Australian environment as key pollinators of many native plant species.

Biodiverse Environmental offers a full range of native bee services including natural hive rescue and relocation, and providing empty or active native stingless beehives for hive splitting and honey production. Native stingless bees are easy to look after, help your garden, and make great low-maintenance pets for kids!