Biodiverse Environmental are proud to contribute to the B2N Railway Upgrade Project.

About the project and Stakeholders

As part of the Beerburrum to Nambour (B2N) Rail Upgrade Project, Department of Transport and Main Roads are undertaking upgrades of the rail line between Beerburrum and Nambour.  The scope of the B2N project includes rail duplication between Beerburrum and Landsborough, road upgrades, railway realignment works and other infrastructure improvements.

The outcomes of this project will provide environmental, social and economic benefits to the region.  
Hall Contracting Pty Ltd were awarded the contract for the Early Works Package, which commenced in early 2022. As part of the early works, Hall Contracting Pty Ltd engaged Biodiverse Environmental to conduct fauna and flora surveys.

Why Fauna Spotter Catchers are necessary

Although urbanisation has put increasing pressure on biodiversity when residential areas encroach on natural systems, some species have adapted to and thrived in this novel environment. Urban environments can provide suitable habitat for a wide range of fauna species because of abundant food and shelter. Some urban habitats, such as railway lines, abandoned industrial lands and urban wetlands, can be rich in native fauna species.

Our contribution

Fauna Surveys

Biodiverse Environmental’s team of Fauna Spotter catchers conducted a pre-clearance survey of the Beerburrum and Landsborough sites prior to the demolition of multiple structures. These structures were in extremely poor condition, with overgrown grass, weeds proliferating and water pooling.

Our Fauna Spotter Catchers remained on site to provide fauna management services during the demolition process.

An Elliot trap is placed to trap small mammals

Biodiverse Environmental conducted a targeted trapping and Fauna Spotter Catching schedule to capture and relocate as many native fauna species as possible to suitable nearby habitat before the demolition works commenced. Trapping occurred over two weeks using different trapping methods including Elliot traps and cage traps.

Biodiverse Environmental’s experienced and passionate Fauna Spotter Catchers caught and safely relocated over 50 native animals (including native rodents, dasyurids, snakes, possums and gliders) during the works.

Two baby Bush Rats (Rattus fuscipes) are caught during fauna surveys

Baseline Weed Surveys

Our Ecologists conducted a comprehensive baseline weed survey within the planned development corridor to determine the presence of weeds and restricted invasive plants.

During the survey, Biodiverse Environmental’s Ecologists identified 88 species of weeds within the development area, including problematic areas where weeds may be impacting negatively on native fauna.

The information obtained through ground surveys will be used to gauge weed control measures implemented throughout the construction and monitoring phases and as a comparison of weed presence over time. Biodiverse Environmental will continue to work with Hall Contracting Pty Ltd to provide weed management advice and services.

Blue Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) and Lantana (Lantana camara) form a dense layer, potentially restricting the movement of Koalas and Flying Foxes

Do you need weed management assistance?

Biodiverse Environmental staff have a strong knowledge of weed hygiene and the new Biosecurity Act in Queensland, along with excellent weed identification and horticultural skills. Contact us to discuss how Biodiverse Environmental can develop and implement a property Weed Management Plan and carry out weed control using best practice eradication methods.