Biodiverse Environmental helping increase species richness in rehabilitated offset areas by installing nest boxes

Biodiverse Environmental helps restore habitat complexity using nesting boxes

In April 2021 Biodiverse Environmental installed over 120 nesting boxes in Central Queensland within important ecological areas. Species targeted in the nest box installation included, Parrots, Sugar Gliders, Squirrel Gliders, Possums, Micro Bats, Owls, Wood Ducks, Kookaburras and Antechinus.

Nesting hollows are a vital part of the ecosystem as many species of wildlife rely on them for nesting, breeding and shelter. Hollows provide wildlife a safe place away from predators and adverse weather conditions. In native tree species natural hollows can take up to 100 years to form.

How did we install wildlife nest boxes?

The nest boxes were installed by two Biodiverse Environmental arborists specialising in nest box installation and animal ecology. Nest boxes were installed at a variety of heights and facing different directions depending on the target species and vegetation type. The nest boxes were also installed using a spring system around the tree to minimise the impact on the tree.

How much did the nest boxes cost? 

All Biodiverse Environmental nest boxes are hand-crafted using quality materials and have been appropriately designed to suit the nesting habits of our threatened wildlife. Take a browse at some of the nest box designs and pricing ­Here.