Biodiverse Environmental’s Fire Management for local government benefits both infrastructure protection and the environment

How does fire management and controlled burns help our clients?

Fire Management and controlled burns are used for a number of reasons. By actively reducing fuel loads such as dead leaves, tree limbs, and other debris, a controlled burn can help prevent a destructive bushfire.

Reducing fuel loads in urbanised areas is an effective method for mitigating the risk to assets such as property and more importantly lives.

And after a burn, the additional sunlight and open space throughout the landscape can help juvenile trees to start growing enhancing environmental assets and ecological systems.

What happens to wildlife when conducting controlled burns?

Biodiverse Environmental supplies specialised Fauna Spotter Catchers when conducting fauna management for a wide variety of clients such as SEQ Water, Gympie Regional Council and Moreton Bay Council.

Before the ignition of a burn Biodiverse Environmental’ s Fauna Spotter Catchers carry out a pre-clearance inspection of the burn area identifying and fauna habitat and locating vulnerable species. Throughout the duration of the controlled burn our Fauna Spotter Catcher is present to relocate any wildlife that will be impacted from the fire.

How many Fauna Spotter Catchers do you require when conducting controlled burns?

The number of required Fauna Spotter Catchers depends on a variety of factors such as quality of burn, burn size and terrain type. If you require any assistance or further information on fire management, please don’t hesitate to contact us.