Corwood QLD

Biodiverse Environmental were engaged as the preferred supplier of fauna surveys and fauna spotter catching services by Corwood QLD for vegetation works along the Wide Bay region of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. These works were primarily vegetation management with large excavators fitted with purpose built harvester and mulcher attachments to ensure trees could be safely lowered down in a controlled fashion allowing fauna to be safely identified, captured and relocated. 

Our fauna services involve pre-clearance surveys and reports, fauna spotter catching and relocation services during clearing and post clearance surveys and reports. Our Fauna Spotter Catcher’s were present for vegetation clearing of any potential habitat features and inspecting these habitat features prior to and as they were being cleared for any fauna present. Then the relocation of any fauna impacted by vegetation clearing and earthworks was carried out to a nearby suitable habitat outside the clearing limits in accordance with legislative and environmental management requirements