Endangered Swamp Crayfish Nocturnal Survey

The client conducted vegetation clearing works on a road upgrade project in Burpengary. Prior ecological surveys identified that three NCA conservation significant listed species are known to occur in the area including the endangered Swamp crayfish (Tenuibranchiurus glypticus), the vulnerable Wallum froglet (Crinia tinnula) and the vulnerable Tusked frog (Adelotus brevis).

A Species Management Program (SMP) was developed for the threatened species by a third-party ecological consultancy. To adhere with the management measures identified in the SMP, a targeted nocturnal pre-clearance survey was required prior to vegetation clearing works being conducted.

The methodology included in the relevant fauna survey guidelines were implemented for each of the fauna species being surveyed. A scientific report detailing the findings of the surveys was developed and supplied to the client.