A large percentage of our Australian wildlife, including many birds, do not build nests. They require access to tree hollows in which to nest and breed.


Unfortunately, as a result of land-clearing and other human influences, there are now fewer and fewer hollows for wildlife to make their home and raise a family.


This is where people can give back to the environment by playing a vital role in protecting future generations of wildlife with the installation of an appropriately designed nest box.


All Biodiverse Environmental nest boxes are hand-crafted using quality materials, and have been appropriately designed to suit the nesting habits of our threatened wildlife. Take a browse below at some of the animals you could potentially help.

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Homes for wildlife



Very small, brightly coloured birds native to Australia, with short tails, strong legs, and stubby blunt beaks. They spend most of their time high in the trees feeding on insects and spiders. Some species of these beautiful little birds require tree hollows for nesting, making them an ideal candidate for a Biodiverse Environmental Nest Box.




A large group of birds characterised by a curved bill, strong legs, an upright stance, and their often vividly coloured feathers. Many species are found in Australia, including cockatoos like the galah. The vast majority of parrots are cavity nesters, which makes them ideal candidates for a Biodiverse Environmental Nest Box.


Ringtail Possum


A uniquely Australian marsupial that usually feeds on leaves, but also flowers, fruits, and sap. It is about half the size of its cousin, the more widespread brushtail possum. Because they are largely tree-dwellers, they are particularly affected by deforestation in Australia.  So, give them a safe place to rest and nest by purchasing an appropriately built Biodiverse Environmental Nest Box.


Brushtail Possum


The common brushtail is the most familiar and abundant of the Australian possums. You may have heard or seen one at night scurrying along a rooftop. The higher parts of S.E. QLD are home to a unique species, the mountain brushtail possum. You can help their dwindling habitat and keep them off and out of your roof by installing a Biodiverse Environmental Nest Box.


Gliders / Smaller Parrots


Gliders are small, possum-like marsupials that spend much of their time in tree canopies gliding from tree to tree. There are 7 species of them found in Australia, with all of them depending on tree hollows for their homes and nesting sites. You can help supplement their dwindling habitat by installing an appropriately designed Biodiverse Environmental Nest Box on your property. This nest box is also suitable for smaller parrots like rosellas and lorikeets.


Microbats / Small Gliders


You may never see or hear these wonderful creatures, but there are more than 50 species of microbats in Australia. They are all protected by law and some are on the brink of extinction because of the loss of their habitat - old-growth tree hollows. By installing a Biodiverse Environmental Nest Box, you are providing these animals with a much-needed home and yourself with one of the best insect-killers in the natural world. This nest box is also suitable for small gliders.




Kookaburras are a type of terrestrial kingfisher known most famously for their "laughing" bird call. They feed on lizards, insects, worms, and snakes. Because they are known to urge their young to defecate outside the nest, this Biodiverse Environmental Nest Box has been crafted with an entrance hole close to the floor to help facilitate this habit. This nest box is also suitable for wood ducks.


More to come! Don't forget, if you can't find a nest box to suit your situation, ask us about building one specifically for your needs.

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