Halls Contracting

Biodiverse Environmental caried out Fauna management activities during a contracted dewatering project for Halls Contracting in 2022 at Steve Irwin Way, Glasshouse Mountains during the early works of the project. Fauna management services were provided throughout the dewatering process. The Dewatering Specialist identified fauna, potential habitat features and animal breeding places, and relocated any fauna that may be impacted by vegetation clearing and earthworks to nearby suitable habitat following the legislative and environmental management requirements.

A pre-clearance survey was conducted by a Biodiverse Environmental Dewatering Specialist prior to the start of each day of works. The purpose of the survey was to locate fauna, their breeding places and habitat, and to relocate any fauna that may be impacted by works. The Dewatering Specialist was present for the entire dewatering process to identify, capture and relocate fauna impacted by the works.

Seven vertebrate species and one invertebrate species were found. In total 175 animals were removed during dewatering. Uninjured fauna identified were captured and relocated to suitable habitat 150 meters downstream outside of the clearing limits.